NC State

Turbulent Shear Flow Laboratory



Welcome to Turbulent Shear Flow Laboratory at NC State University. Our research group aims to solve the bottlenecks of hypersonic flight that helps build the critical logistical infrastructure to realize the space economy and ensure national defense security. The research thrust of our lab is to probe the physics of supersonic and hypersonic wall-bounded flows and turbulent jet flames. Our wind tunnels and combustion facilities provide conditions spanning incompressible through hypersonic Mach numbers to study different flow phenomena such as shock interactions that occur inside scramjets, fluid structure interactions over elastic panels, complex flow separation around control surfaces  and turbulence-chemistry interactions to name a few. We place particular emphasis on the development and application of laser-based techniques to make multiphysics and multivariate measurements that help us obtain the best understanding of the underpinning physics of the different flow interactions that are being probed. We invite you to browse through our website to learn about our research highlights and accomplishments.

We have multiple openings for graduate research assistants and postdoctoral scholars. Please browse the research projects to learn about the different research opportunities. Interested candidates are invited to email Dr. Venkat Narayanaswamy directly.